How to Help

Have you got Zippos coming to a place near you? The first and most simple thing you can do to help is just not go, telling your friends about the facts on our about Zippos page.

But there is definitely more you can do. Put up posters exposing Zippos Circus record, hand letters to shops displaying there posters and ask them to take them down,  ask the local authority if you can remove posters the circus has illegally fly-posted and remove posters from closed down shops the circus have used without permission.

Closed Down Shops

Zippos puts a string of posters through the top of the doors of closed down shops in the areas they have shows in before they come into town. The posters are attached to the top of the door with tape and hang displaying outwards. You may be able to remove these unauthorised posters by cutting the tape at the top of the door. You could also try informing the estate agent or property owner.

Open Shops

As well as unauthorised posters Zippos also ask shops to display there posters in there windows. You should go in and speak to the manager and ask if you can remove the poster. You can take a letter with you to give them an overview of the issues (see sample below).


You can organized protests outside Zippos shows, you will need some posters, leaflets and a few friends. It is your legal right to do this. Contact The Captive Animals Protection Society for help with this.

Letter and Poster

Here are some examples of a poster and letter used by people from Cambridge against Zippos, feel free to use or edit them.

Click to download:

zippos poster

zippos letter sample


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