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This page goes into the reasons we are asking you not to go to Zippos Circus and why Zippos is no place for any animal.

Don’t believe Zippos PR Lies

Zippos misled the press claiming that respected animal protection group Animal Defenders International (ADI) had backed there transport and training regimes. ADI have never backed the circus and indeed ADI were quite clear about there stance on the show stating “Zippos clearly just want to wring every penny of profit they can out of their animals, before casting them aside.”

Given this poor record for accuracy all claims relating to animal welfare standards made by Zippos should be disregarded.

Facts about Zippos’ Circus:

  • Zippos employed a man who defended infamous abuse at Chipperfield’s circus in court. After watching footage of the thrashing and kicking of a baby chimpanzee he was asked “See anything which would constitute cruelty?” he replied unequivocally “No”.  Asked if he would do the same he said “Yes”! (From ADI)
  • Zippos Circus have been exposed by Animal Defenders International, for keeping their horses in trailers without exercise for hours on end. (From ADI)
  • ‘The way that young girl brandished the whip was obviously scary to the horses’ ‘When the man raised his hand the budgies flinched. Every time!’ – Audience Members, 2009 Performance. (From SARC)

About Circuses

Whether it be the long journeys, brutal training regimes or constant confinement, animals have no place in the circus. Nowadays it is an extremely moderate position to oppose animal circuses. The RSPCA makes clear they are against all animal circuses. As they put it on their website “The RSPCA opposes the use of all animals in circuses. Circus animals are often kept in close confinement in poor living conditions, forced to perform unnatural behaviours to a timetable. While being transported from site to site animals are exposed to human handling, noise, vibration, cage motion and confinement, all of which can cause considerable stress.” (From RSPCA)

Today it is an extreme position to support the use of any animal in a circus not least because travel, by its very nature, cannot provide the space or stimulation animals need.

Most circuses these days are all human shows. Animal lovers and people that care about acting ethically now only attend non-animal performances. Please do your bit by saying ‘no’ to Zippos and all animal circuses.


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