Say ‘No’ to Zippos Campaign

Zippos is one of Britain’s last animal circuses and has a disgusting record. Nowadays opposing the use of all animals in circuses is a position that is widely accepted with animal welfare moderates like the RSPCA. But there are specific reasons to say ‘No’ to Zippos:

  • Zippos employed David Hibling who defended infamous abuse at Chipperfield’s circus in court. After watching footage of the thrashing and kicking of a baby chimpanzee he was asked “See anything which would constitute cruelty?” he replied unequivocally “No”. Asked if he would do the same he said “Yes”!

  • Zippos Circus don’t care about animals and their performances have been described as ‘boring’ and ‘degrading’ by audience members.

Find out more about Zippos and Circuses . Learn What Action you can take.

Circuses have a long and rich tradition of entertaining performances in this country. We have nothing against all human circuses – we simply oppose the antiquated and cruel use of animals by Zippos Circus.


3 responses to “Say ‘No’ to Zippos Campaign

  1. ingrid maldonado

    Say ‘No’ to Zippos Campaign & To any animal abuse!! I want to know if you have or is starting a petition? Something needs to be done!!

  2. Ingrid Maldonado

    The People make the change!Voices need to be heard! That’s one way of doing it!

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